IELTS made easy

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Your IELTS exam is made easy at Lizz Academy. There are many IELTS Coaching Classes in Kollam that you may be tricked into taking admission to. But there is no substitute for Lizz Education Academy when it comes to improving your IELTS preparation and score. Being in a constantly competitive environment will boost your performance and propel your IELTS preparation in the right direction. Here’s how the best coaching in Kollam for IELTS exam will enhance your chances and help you get better in the game.

  • The right guidance is very necessary for the IELTS exam, as it is competitive in nature.
  • IELTS coaching can help improve your consistency and regularity.
  • Regular IELTS classes with peers of a similar mindset make the grind more bearable.
  • Expert Coaching by teachers of Lizz Education Academy can do wonders and help you get on the right track for IELTS preparation

The better the coaching, the higher the chances for success. However, each student has his or her own requirements. So make sure you choose the best IELTS coaching in Kollam that is right for you based on the faculty experience and your own strengths and weaknesses in IELTS.

Identifying Your Strengths and Weaknesses

We conduct regular mock tests during our course of training. The sole purpose of these mock tests is to provide our candidates with the real-time experience of taking the original IELTS tests. This experience has enabled our candidates to go to the IELTS examination hall with newfound confidence. Our candidates do not panic with test anxiety on the day of the examination.

Now let us consider how these mock tests benefit our students. As IELTS attempts have no restrictions, candidates can take the test as many times as they want to and as often as they want to. With each attempt, the candidate’s performance seems to improve. Please note that the number of candidates who write the examination a number of times is on the rise.

With our training, our candidates go to the IELTS tests with the same confidence and experience as those who have attempted these language exams more than once. As a result, our IELTS candidates, after attending our mock test, have always come out with the required or desired scores. Therefore, we pride ourselves on our scores, not on percentage but on the numbers. We have had the highest number of winning candidates with higher scores in the last five years. And this makes Lizz Academy the best IELTS and OET coaching center.

Individual Guidance

One may study online as much as possible and attempt several mock tests. But nothing matches the personal attention that only a trainer from our center can provide. At Lizz Academy, a trainer’s supervision will provide the comfort that someone’s there for you when you’re stuck. In case of any query, you can directly seek help from them. This makes Lizz Academy the best IELTS coaching center.

State-of-the-art materials

We provide you with the right type and amount of study material relevant to the recent updates in both IELTS. Another advantage that we have over personal learning is that it saves time when it comes to finding the right kind of material for studying. You may get loads of materials and sample papers online, but you would only be spending more time filtering out the irrelevant ones. That makes Lizz Academy the best IELTS coaching center.