Computerised Based Test is a mandatory test for Indian nurses and midwives for UK registration. This is the NMC test of competence Part-1.CBT measures the applicants against current pre-registration education standards and assesses the essential professional knowledge, skills, and attitudes required for safe and effective nursing or midwifery practice in the UK. The test can be taken in Pearson VEU test centre, available in most countries.

The candidates can complete the CBT application process online on NMC website. The candidate can sit for second attempt, if fails the first. But there should be a gap of minimum 28 days between the first and second attempt. NMC initially allows 2 attempts for CBT, further attempts will be allowed after a period of 6 months only.

  • CBT exam is a computer-based exam
  • It is all multiple-choice questions
  • No negative scoring, if a question is unanswered
  • Select answer which is most correct, from given options
  • Applicants take this Test after the online eligibility assessment
  • The tests can be booked and done at the applicants’ country of residence
  • Exam results are emailed to candidates within 48 hours after taking the
  • examination and you will be awarded either a pass or a fail
  • The CBT is valid for two years