How to improve your reading score band in IELTS

How to improve your reading score band in IELTS
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Reading skill is tested in the IELTS exam and it is very important that the candidate scores well in the reading section of the test. One of the key problems in reading test is that the candidate fails to find out the right answer from the given paragraph. This happens because of lack of proper scanning for the answer to the question. Sometimes, the candidates miss to get the detailed information required for answering the question. Lizz academy which is the best IELTS coaching centre in Kollam helps to improve IELTS reading skills.

How to improve IELTS reading score

  • Scanning through the paragraphs is must
  • Extracting the correct information
  • Improving the reading speed
  • Reading in detail
  • Make reading a habit
  • Reading different passages from the books
  • Reading newspaper and novels
  • Practicing several tests for the reading section provided by Lizz academy

IELTS reading tips

  • Locating an answer to the question in the given paragraph is important
  • One must develop vocabulary of English language
  • Practising giving title to the passage is required
  • Sentence completion tests should be practised
  • Knowledge about verbs and nouns is important
  • It is sometimes not important to understand the whole passage in detail

How Lizz Academy can help

  • Lizz academy will help the student with lot of practice tests
  • The academy will teach the candidate how to search for the important phrases
  • How to search for important keywords will be also taught in the academy
  • Vocabulary improvement and grammar improvement will be done at Lizz Academy
  • Lizz academy will help to sharpen the skills of proper time management
  • At Lizz Academy, it will be taught how to underline the correct phrase containing the information
  • Sentence forming skiills will improve if courses are taken from Lizz Academy


Lizz Academy is the best centre in Kollam to get ready for the IELTS exam. IELTS reading skill is an important section and the candidate must take proper coaching to get the right band in the examination.