Learn the Details About Pearson Test of English

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Pearson Test of English which is more popularly referred to as PTE is conducted by the Pearson PLC group with the aim of assessing the knowledge and capability of the non native English users. The test is conducted in two forms namely PTE General Exam and PTE Academic Exam.

Reading through would make sure that the users have a detailed understanding about the test and its two different forms in an effective manner which is highly beneficial to the ones planning to sit for the Pearson Test of English.

In an addition to this, reading through the post would help the aspirants to understand as to which is the right test to take and what exact purpose would it be serving. This actually sets a clear picture in front of the test takers.

Understanding the Two Types of Pearson English Test

There are two types of PTE that are as follows.

  1. PTE General
  2. PTE Academic

Both of these are different from each other though both are Pearson Test of English that is PTE. Let us delve a bit deeper to understand as to what are the differences between the two PTEs.

Format of the Exam

The PTE General exam consists of two segments which are further divided into six sections in all. The PTE General test consists of two primary sections

A written paper that is divided into listening, reading comprehension and writing skills sections.

A spoken test

The PTE Academic exam format is exactly similar to the IELTS exam that are as follows.

  • Reading
  • Listening
  • Speaking
  • Writing

Endorsements of the PTE Exams

The PTE General exam is conducted jointly by Pearson and Edexcel Limited which is actually the largest awarding body for academic and vocational qualifications in the United Kingdom.

The PTE Academic exam is conducted by the Pearson PLC group and endorsed the Graduate Management Admission Council or GMAC which is aligned to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

Purpose of PTE Exams

The PTE General exam is taken by the candidates for developing realistic communication skills testing.

The PTE Academic exam is taken by the candidates who are planning to get admission into any university or institutions in any native English speaking country.

Registrations for the Tests

All the applicants of PTE General exam need to register at the Edexcel Online system.

All the applicants of PTE Academic exam need to register online on the official website of Pearson.

Timing of the Exam

The PTE General exam is conducted three times in a year in the months of May, June and December.

The PTE Academic exam is conducted in more than over 200 locations in the world and about 360 days in a year.

Validity of the Test Scores

The results of the PTE General exam never expire which means it is valid for a lifetime without any validity limitation. The candidates just need to take the PTE General test once is lifetime and can use the scores for future use at any point of time in life.

The results of PTE Academic exam are valid only for two years of time from the date when the results are issued.

Acceptance of the Test Scores

The PTE Academic exam scores are accepted by about 6,000 academic institutes throughout the world which includes some of the very popular names such as Yale and London Business school. It is also accepted by Australia for Visa purpose.

The PTE General exam scores are accepted as a valid proof of English proficiency as well as qualification by ministries and universities of the following countries that are Albania, Czech Republic, Colombia, Estonia, Ecuador, Greece, Italy, Lithuania, Latvia, Mexico, Poland, Spain, Switzerland, Ukraine and United Kingdom.

Why Take PTE?

PTE is one of the best tests to take at the time when it comes to proving one’s proficiency in English and looking for a career abroad in any native English speaking country. So, here we have listed a few important reasons as to why should one be taking PTE that are as follows.

  • Machine scoring pattern which is automated and without human intervention
  • Score delivery within five days of taking the test
  • Highly innovative format of the speaking test
  • Conducted worldwide with flexible dates hence highly accessible
  • Wide acceptance of the test scores

Now, you have a clear understanding of the PTE test which will certainly make it easier for the aspirants.