Tips to Crack IELTS

Tips to crack IELTS
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There are a huge number of aspirants who dream of pursuing higher studies in foreign countries such as UK, USA, Canada, Australia and others. Now, if the aspirants are from a non-native English speaking country requires to give an English language exam for getting admission to the foreign universities. IELTS or International English Language Testing System is one such exam which accepted in the above mentioned countries along with a number of others as well for getting admission to the foreign universities or institutions located in the native English speaking countries. Thus, it becomes quite important for the aspirants to crack the IELTS exam for seeking admission to the foreign universities where English is main communication language. So, to make it easier for the candidates, here we have listed a few important tips to crack IELTS that are as mentioned below.

Complete Understanding of the Format of the Test

It is of immense importance to have a clear and complete understanding of the test format which is basically the most important tip to crack almost all examinations. The IELTS exam assesses the candidates on four different parameters that are reading, writing, listening and speaking. Thus, the candidates should have a detailed idea of the format of the test so that it becomes easier to crack the same. Any of the candidates planning to crack IELTS needs to prove their proficiency in all the four sections in a time period of 2 hours and 45 minutes. The time allotted for the sections for listening, reading, writing and speaking is 30 minutes, 60 minutes, 60 minutes and 11 to 14 minutes respectively. The listening, reading and writing sections are completed on the same day but the speaking sections will be conducted a week after or before after the tests of three other sections.

Practice Makes a Man Perfect

Practice is certainly the key to success in any of the examinations. To crack the IELTS examination in the first go, it is extremely important to practice on a regular basis. It is extremely important to develop language skills of all the four modules. These essential skills can be enhanced by following a regular study plan. Now, at the time when a regular study plan is followed, cracking of the examination becomes easier which is exactly what should be done by the aspirants in order to crack IELTS.

Developing Test Taking Skills

The test taking skills are indispensable for excellent scores in the IELTS examination. For the improvement of the listening skills, it is quite important for the candidate to be patient and clearly understand each of the words that are being spoken. For the improvement of the reading skills, the candidates can read loud for the improvisation of the pronunciation. Simply practice writing by creating essays on various topics so that you develop a fluency on writing without having to stop frequently since every moment is precious. To improve your speaking skills, you can practice by speaking in front of the mirror. Fluency does not come in a day and hence constant practice is essential in this regard. A comprehensive skill development practice on your own would always be good enough to get the required scores in IELTS.

Avoid Writing Too Much

At the time of preparation for the writing test, it is to be kept in mind that too much writing is to be avoided. Time management is crucial part for cracking IELTS and each of the aspirants should always remember that finishing on time is essential. For instance, writing an essay of 300 words is better that a 400 words’ essay with similar lines, repetitive ideas and mis constructed sentences.

Proper Guidance

Proper guidance is one of the most vital parts of cracking the IELTS examination. It is true that IELTS examination is not a very easy one to crack. Thus, the development of proper skills of all the four different modules so tested in the examination along with the appropriate test taking skills as well. However, guidance from the experienced and trained tutors would always help you to properly recognise your potential as well as boost your confidence before you attempt such life changing examinations.