Top 7 Reasons Why OET is the Best Test for Going to the UK

5 reasons why OET is still the best test to get you to the UK
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OET as we all know is referred to as the Occupational English Test which is basically an exclusive English language particularly designed for the healthcare professionals for practising in the United Kingdom and some other countries like Australia, New Zealand, Singapore etc. OET is aimed at testing the level of proficiency of English of the candidates so that they are able to deliver the supreme quality healthcare. So, here we have listed the top seven reasons as to why OET is the undoubtedly the best test for going the United Kingdom.

OET Test Can Alone Get You to UK

OET is such a test which is readily accepted by the Nursing and Midwifery Council of the United Kingdom, the General Medical Council and different Royal Colleges in the United Kingdom. So, OET is alone more than enough to take you the United Kingdom and once you have cleared OET, there is just no need of sitting for a separate English language test for the application of a Tier 2 (General) visa. The OET is enough to cover this and hence an effective test to take you to UK.

OET is Particularly Designed for the Healthcare Professionals

OET is particularly designed for the healthcare professionals irrespective of the fact whether you are a doctor or a nurse. OET alone can take a very good care of your wish of practising in the United Kingdom. At the time when you sit for OET, there is a separate paper for the nurses and a separate one for the doctors. Thus, one exam is able to meet the requirement. The subjects in the test will be familiar to the healthcare experts such as reading the case notes of patients or listening to a patient where the symptoms are described.

OET is Accepted by a Number of Professions

Another of the major reason as to why OET is the best test to take for going to the United Kingdom because OET is accepted by a number of professions in the field of healthcare. So, even if you are not into nursing or medicine, you can opt for OET since it is accepted by dentistry, speech pathology, pharmacy, physiotherapy, occupational therapy and a few others as well. Thus, OET is one test that can serve all purposes.

OET Boosts Up Confidence

There are a number of candidates who sit for OET after having taken other English tests. The candidates tend to feel much more confident on the day of OET since this test is specific to the field of healthcare where the test consists of tasks as well as vocabulary form the field of healthcare only. This plays a vital role in the boosting up of the level of confidence of the test takers to a significant extent.

OET Sets Up the Candidate for Achieving Success at Work

At the time of preparation for OET, the candidates are not just preparing to pass the test as in case of the other English tests. In this test, the candidates are preparing to work in an English speaking medical work environment which means the candidates are preparing for the achievement of success in their new career in the United Kingdom.

OET is Preferred by the Recruiters and Employers in UK

The ultimate aim of sitting in the OET exam is not just to pass the same but work in the United Kingdom. OET is of a great help in this regard since it is preferred by many NHS Trusts as well as other employers and recruiters in the United Kingdom.

OET is Easier as Compared to the Others

The major portion of the questions in OET is based on the healthcare topics and hence the aspirants find it much easier to understand the test before they sit in it. Thus, OET is such an English test which is much easier to crack as compared to the other English tests to work in the United Kingdom.

Now, it can be quite clearly understood as to why OET is certainly the best test to take for going to the UK