Why do you have to study at Lizz Academy..

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When a lot of them claim to be the best coaching centers, you might wonder why should I choose Lizz Education Academy. You can’t pass a definite judgment on which of these coaching classes is better or worse. It depends on your requirements and you can be the best judge when it comes to assessing your needs.

But the reason why you need to study at LIzz Academy is clear because you deserve to study with the best. And here are the reasons why you need to be with us:

Lizz Academy is the best coaching institute for IELTS training. It is a Kollam-based based educational organization meant to help students study in various universities across the globe or help the candidates work and settle in their dream countries. Regular IELTS Preparation classes are held on campus and online. The course covers all aspects and sections of the exams along with mock tests and real-life scenarios.


  • Teaching examination skills and techniques
  • Mock test
  • Teach IELTS test format and focus on time-restricted training
  • Good result in the last few years
  • Offers IELTS coaching notes
  • Offers top-notch training sessions
  • Instructor-led practice sessions specially for listening and reading

The above mentioned features are some of the methods we have for our IELTS training. We are scared to put down all the unique features of training program as many would be copied by the rivals. However, The uniqueness our program is a definite outcome stress free preparation and required scores.

While many students prefer self-study for IELTS, others need professional guidance. You will find a lot of IELTS coaching centres or IELTS classes in your city, but assessing how well the courses offered by these institutes will work for you is fairly difficult. All the courses offered have different methodology and their own strengths and weaknesses.

Reasons why one should take coaching with Lizz Academy

  • The beginners’ knowledge: As IELTS attempts have no limit candidates can take the test as many times as they want. With each attempt, the knowledge of the candidate gets polished due to which they are able to perform better than the last time. But then there are a few who will be attempting the exam for the very first time. It is always beneficial for the freshers to join a coaching class for IELTS as they might not have the basic knowledge of the same.
  • Personal guidance: One may study online as much as possible and attempt a number of mock tests. But nothing matches the personal attention that only a trainer from our centre can provide. At Lizz academy, a trainer’s supervision will provide you with the comfort that someone’s there for you when you’re stuck. In case of any query, you can directly seek help from him/her. Our trainer will know how to solve every kind of query as he would have taught many batches earlier as well, solving queries similar to yours.
  • Ready-Made study material: Another advantage that we have over personal learning is that it saves time when it comes to finding the right kind of material for studying. You may get loads of materials and sample papers online but you would only be spending more time in filtering out the irrelevant ones. We provide you with the right kind and amount of study material, which has been selected by the experts.
  • Tips & Tricks: There are many questions which appear in the IELTS paper which are tricky and require you to reply smartly. Our coaching will help you learn those very tips and tricks which will help you NOT get stuck on such questions. You will be provided proper guidelines to handle such questions along with shortcuts to answer them.
  • Time Saving: Beginners usually are confused regarding the section or the area which should be their starting point. They keep switching from questions which hold their interest to those which appear boring. We teach you that without gaining confidence in one area, moving on to another section is a BIG NO. We plan your curriculum according to days, weeks and months and help you sail easily through the modules. This way you get to keep track of your progress and are able to cover every important aspect of the test.