Why OET is a Better Choice for Healthcare Professionals?

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If you are planning to work in the healthcare industry in a foreign country, then OET is would certainly be the ideal choice in this regard. Still, there are a number of candidates who are still hesitating to take the OET. So, let us delve a bit deeper into the topic to understand why OET would be the appropriate choice for healthcare professionals.

Practice Mock Medicine Writing Test for Cracking OET in One Shot

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If you are looking forward to a career as a healthcare professional in a foreign country, then you certainly have a clear idea about the importance of OET. It is mandatory for the aspirants to clear OET. Now, to clear OET in one shot, practice is undoubtedly one of the keys to success. So, to make it easier for the students to crack OET, we, at Lizz Academy, have very carefully crafted oet writing test pdf.

Health Literacy Tips for Health care providers in 2021

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Stop panicking

Whatever you know, know the best. There are a range of literacy skills and processes. Only a handful of them is assessed during a test.

Do not label the patient

Do not underestimate the patient. Thinking that the patient is uneducated or deficient if they do not know how to read and wrote is a wrong practice.

Let the patent begin with the information channel

Start the process by considering and assessing the information, items or any written material brought by the patient.

Identify the unavoidable need for reading & writing

Know what reading and writing activities you ca eliminate completely. Also, pick the activities that you can delay for a while.

Make information available in different modes

Here modes stands for ways of communicating the meaning to the patient. The modes may include images, text and audio. Make a mix of modes to make the communication effective.

Curate a list of trusted websites

Keep a track of websites that are authentic and share reliable and up-to-date information. Share the list with your patients via email or make the list available on your website.

Curate a list of apps that you recommend

Apps are educative and also information rich. If your patients can use apps, offer them a list of apps that are good and reliable.

Get more multimedia recommendations

There are endless multimedia options including podcasts, videos and more. Make some collection that communicate the subject matter and share it with the patients. Take help from your colleagues both offline and online.

Explore digital communication

Let your patients know how you use email, social media, text messages and more. Let patients communicate any changes they feel must be good for your digital communication strategy.

Discuss audio recording

Ask about the comfortability of the patients with you recording their rime with you.

Go through your written material

Enrich your written documents with images and write it down in smaller paragraphs. Any important information or text must be highlighted to discuss with the patient.

Why Lizz Academy?

We help you transform the patient engagement conversation. The coaching ensures that you can establish better connection with your clinical staff as well as the disengaged patient population. We are up to date with the modern necessities of patients & their communication needs. We train you to be effective with patient conversation.

An overview of IELTS

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Lizz Academy is a team of expert and dedicated IELTS trainers who aim to help aspirants achieve their IELTS goals. We have helped hundreds and thousands of aspirants achieve 9 band in IELTS and make their dreams come true.

Dentistry Writing Practice Test For OET Aspirants

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If you have plans of pursuing your dental career in the foreign country, then passing OET exam is a must. Lizz Academy is a reputable OET preparation institute and helps students through different ways so that they can achieve their career goals.

Have a look at this Dentistry writing practice paper and try to solve it. This is a great way to evaluate your writing skills.

Linking Words Practice For IELTS 2021

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Do you know that linking Words makes an essential part of IELTS Writing task 2? Linking Words comes under marking criterion of Coherence & Cohesion, counting 25% of your task 2 marks.

Go through the link and find out how to test yourself with the correct use of linking Words.

IELTS Academic Writing Practice Test

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If you looking for different ways to test your level and skills for IELTS exam, then checkout this academic writing test specifically designed for IELTS aspirants. This specific academic writing test comprises of questions in the form of bar charts. Use your intelligence and try to solve it.

OET reading guide 2021: Do’s & Don’ts

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OET is the Occupational English language Test which is the key criterion o apply for medical professional job overseas. The test evaluates English language proficiency of healthcare professionals aspiring to join the healthcare landscape overseas. The exam structure of OET is similar to other English language assessments IELTS and TOEFL and is divided into four sections- reading, writing, listening and speaking.

OET reading section is the most challenging part of the test. It is a 60 minutes test wherein one has to read 3 essays and answer questions related to it. It is crucial to prepare for the section with efficiency. This guide has the do’s and don’ts when attempting the reading section of OET.

How To Improve Your Reading Sub-test Score in OET

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If you really want to see yourself as a nurse or medical practitioner in a foreign country, you have to clear OET exams with a good score. Our test assessors and developers for the reading sub-test have found out different areas of improvement on which candidates have to work. Given below are some tips and answers to important questions that will prove useful to you.